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The Boomers Are Back and changing the World AGAIN!

Have your voice heard, join the conversation, make a difference, and take a stand. Defend the little guy. Vent your grievances with politicians, products or people. Express your E-pinion. Ask advice. Share your knowledge. Leverage your network. Participate in surveys. Shift the paradigm. Share your point of view, Make a difference. Effect change . Be Heard.

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About Us

TheBoomer.com sprang from the 1998 book, The Wealthy Boomer, followed by a magazine version which published for four issues in 2000 in the National Post.

The website version began in 1999 with three discussion forums and continues today as both www.wealthyboomer.com and www.theboomer.com.

The three forums are Wealth, Wisdom and Well-Being.

Boomers have logged over 1,000,000 messages from our membership base and that number continues to grow by the minute. At this point we are logging 1 page view or posting every 3 minutes. Boomers are talking about Wealth, Wisdom and Well-Being. The first of the boomers reaches age 65 in 2011 and we find that most are looking for advice, assistance and options for the future.

In the past five years, The Wealth discussion forum has grown to become one of the most respected independent sources of financial discussion in Canada. Also popular are the Wisdom forum, which focuses on politics and religion; and the Well-Being forum, which is devoted to health, relationships, humor and pop culture. TheBoomer.com community extends to all ten provinces of Canada and is now attracting global Internet traffic.

Starting at the Financial Forum in Toronto, TheBoomer.com discussion forums conducted interviews and surveys to find out what consumers really wanted from the financial industry. This is an opportunity to take the pulse of an often overwhelming and confusing financial marketplace.


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