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Elderly drivers and Licensing renewal

Applicants driving records are checked to be sure there are no revocations or suspensions. Most states require elderly drivers to appear in person and also pass a vision test. The differances are the time between renewal ranging from two to eight years, The existance in provisions in the District of Columbia and in 25 states designed so elderly people continue to meet licensing requirements.

During renewal interviews the elderly may be required to take a road test and vision test, They also go by the persons reactions or abilities , history of wrecks or tickets, reports from doctors, state police, friends and neighbors. The state licensing agency may also want the elderly person to have mental and physical exams. And or retake the drivers ,road, written and vision test. After reviewing the persons ability to drive The agancy may allow the person to retain their drivers license or revoke , restrict or suspend the license.

Some restrictions restrict night time driving or they may need additional mirrors or they may only be allowed to drive a short radious from their home. They may not be allowed to drive to certain places. Some places like Alabama renewal is every 4 years, And then places like Colorado 10 years, 5 years for people 65 and over. Some state laws prohibit licensing agencys from treating people differently because of advanced age.

Restriction of licensing for older drivers have taken center stage for some lawmakers. Because of a higher rate in accidents for elderly people. Car insurance, general property and casualty insurance companies, and motor vehicle departments have revised their methods of dealing with the elderly. Elderly drivers have a higher number of crash related deaths. Simular studies have shown that elderly drivers pose higher risks for persons walking or riding bikes and other drivers as well. At one time insurers have tried denying new applications for coverage for drivers over a certain age.

The states that have passed delicensing laws usually concentrate on the following test pointa. More imput from doctors and medical advisory boards Driving tests in the field Simulated driving tests Vision tests Mandatory in person renewal Abbreviated renewal length times

This stricter renewal qualifications is also known as de-licensing legistaration, for seniors.


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